House Extensions

Are you looking for an experienced home builder that can deal with house extension?

Then you are in the right place!

MP Direct Renovations has over 20 years of home extension experience dealing with all kinds of projects from small granny flats to huge second story additions.

We can help you from initial planning all the way through the design phase. Then we will build your extension for you and look after you up until the point where the key handle that takes place. Be don’t just offer a simple service. We offer bespoke solutions from start to finish!

Home extensions are great way to get extra space into your home and utilse the land you have available on your property to increase your property value. It’s one way that you can gain more space instead of moving into a new home. If you’re planning to add a second story to your home we are very experienced in that sector also. We have even done a few home extension in Swindon that added 2 extra stories onto a home!

Contact us today and we will give you an obligation free quote and send you a brochure of the previous arm extensions that we have done.