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How to Find a Good Moving Company

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As a renovation company we often deal with situation that require a client to leave their property for months at a time.

We always offer different solutions to our clients. But if they opt to go with one of the companies we recommend we are happy to let them pick another company. When this happens we generally refer them to our site and this guide of finding a good moving company so they know what to look for.

Get Recommendations

The first step that you should take is to get recommendation. You can ask your friends, co-workers, and maybe even a local real estate agent. Perhaps one from a friend who rents. It’s always good to get a personal recommendation when you know someone else has dealt with that moving company before. Because you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a none incentivized and unbiased opinion on the service they provided.

Do Background Checks on the Moving Companies

The next step that you should take is to do a background check.

This is not very hard to do with the day and age of the internet. Check on Google by simply Googling the company name and you’ll find various review sites that should have The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Normally you’ll find reviews on Google itself if the company is registered. You’ll find Yelp. And because we’re dealing with a moving company it is very likely that they will be registered with Checkatrade, so you can check those reviews also. Another thing that will happen when you Google a company name is if there are any really bad reviews out there they will generally come up by searching the company name itself.

Get Multiple Quotes from Different Moving Companies

Another good step to take is to make sure you get a few quotes. Different companies provide different levels of service so make sure that you explain to each company the exact service that you’re looking for. When you’re hiring a moving company you can go as simple as hiring a van that comes with a driver. Or you could go by with a very comprehensive package were a moving company actually comes into your property and packs everything for you, moves it to the new place, and unpacks it into the right rooms.

For example we once had a client who was retired that was getting a home extension completed in Swindon. They had a spare rental property in Swindon that was vacant at the time. So they decided that it would be best to hire a Swindon removals company for the moving job. They opted to go for the full service with everything packed up. But they did let us know that at first they were a little confused with have quote varied so much. One they knew about the different levels of service removals companies offered everything was more clear.

So it is very important that you be specific when you get an estimate. And the next thing to do is to make sure you get that estimate in writing. These days that means getting a email sensory so you have a quote in writing.

Comprehensive Removals Insurance?

Once you have figured out the company you want to go with some final check should take place. One of those checks is to make sure the company is insured. At the end of the day it’s very unlikely for it to happen but what if it does. What if something goes wrong and the van is stolen with all your goods or there’s an accident on the motorway and all your belongings end up all over the road totally destroyed.

You want to make sure that the moving company that you hire has insurance specifically that covers a high dollar value while it’s being transported. And that they have insurance that covers them while they are dealing with your belongings inside the property in case any damages are caused.

An extra step that you can take is to get the insurance policy number from the removals company and call the insurance company to make sure it’s valid and a legitimate policy.

You’re Done!

If you follow these steps you should be pretty confident that the moving company that you have selected is the right company for the job. They will be  a good company to go with that have a reasonable reputation that is fully insured. If you cover those three things you should be in good hands.

As a final step watch this video about moving gone wrong. Then you will really know what to look out for!