With about 20 years experience renovating kitchen. MP Direct Renovations is the most sought-after building company that can help with kitchen renovations in Wiltshire.

We are home renovation specialists and that includes kitchens.

When you start working with us we will appoint you a project manager that will help you from your initial conversation, take you through the design phase and make sure you are happy with the renovation plans.  We renovations start they will still be there by your side to answer any questions you have. All the way through to the point where your new kitchen is complete and we leave the property.

If you love to cook then having a renovated kitchen is definitely something that will put a smile on to your face. Everyone has seen a kitchen that they are less than impressed with. Imagine walking into your kitchen everyday and loving the fact that you’re about to cook a nice meal in your newly renovated kitchen. We can make that dream happen.

Contact us today and speak to one of our kitchen renovation consultant.