Spray Equipment

A comprehensive range of spray equipment for the paint applicator including the Wagner Project Pro airless range and the unique Wallperfect range make light work of most decorating tasks. Here at MP we have over 20 years of spray knowledge to call upon so you can be assured we know our spray products...

A little about Airless, HVLP and Hybrid systems
Airless sprayers PUMP paint from the can at pressure to the gun. This method is very fast and means a great deal of paint can be applied quickly. An airless system is ideal to cover large areas such as exterior or interior walls. Thicker products can be sprayed with airless machines as well so emulsion and masonry paint can be sprayed without much thinning. Read more..

HVLP systems (High Volume Low Pressure) use airflow to apply paint. This method can leave a near perfect spray finish, it is the chosen mehod for intricate areas where volume of paint is not the first priority. It is also easy to clean a HVLP gun as there is no hose that fills with paint. HVLP equipment is also cheaper to buy.

Hybrid systems are a recent development to fill the gap between airless and HVLP. Wagner have the Wallperfect range and Earlex have the Gemini system. These machines will apply emulsion to walls without the pressure required in an airless unit.